Scenario Number 7

John buys a new carpet from Century Carpets and gets them to fit it. Next day, Helen, his wife, notices a loop of carpet fibre near the corner and cuts it off causing the carpet to unravel. Century Carpets said that Helen had damaged the carpet but they would relay a new section for £25. John thought the carpet had been faulty and he should not pay anything.

What are his rights?


The loop in the carpet was a fault that may have meant that it was not of satisfactory quality. However, Helen's action, which has changed a minor fault into a problem, has affected John's consumer rights. Consumers cannot expect retailers to provide redress where the consumer has actually damaged the goods. If goods are faulty it is important that the consumer tells the retailer immediately and does not try to tamper with them as Helen did. The retailer might have been able to remove the loop without damaging the rest of the carpet. By cutting off the loop and so damaging the rest of the carpet, John has "abused" the carpet. The carpet now needs a much bigger section replaced and so it would be reasonable for Century Carpets to charge for this.

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