Short Quiz

  1. What is the name of the law that offers consumers the opportunity to get a refund, repair or replacement if they buy something that is faulty?

    Answer: Consumer Rights Act 2015

  2. If a shirt is priced at £9.99 when it should have been £19.99, is the shopkeeper legally obliged to sell it at the lower price?

    Answer: No

  3. Can you insist that a shop takes payment by credit card?

    Answer: No

  4. Can you insist that a shop sells you goods from the window display?

    Answer: No

  5. Can a seven-year-old school child make a legal contract?

    Answer: Yes

  6. Is it a criminal offence to sell fake goods at a market?

    Answer: Yes

  7. Is it a criminal offence to buy fake goods at a market?

    Answer: No

  8. What rights have you if you've bought counterfeit goods that are faulty?

    Answer: No Rights

  9. If a trader asks you to sign a contract what is the first thing you should do?

    Answer: Read it

  10. How old must you be to buy beer in a public house?

    Answer: 18

  11. A nightclub has a sign refusing admission to people wearing football shirts. Can they do that?

    Answer: Yes

  12. Must a kiosk in a cinema that serves snack food display prices?

    Answer: Yes

  13. Which organisation is responsible for enforcing that restaurants and cafes display their prices?

    Answer: Trading Standards Service

  14. Under current health recommendations how many pieces of fruit and vegetables should you eat each day?

    Answer: 5

  15. What is the meaning of the initial U on a BBFC certificate that you would find on a video or DVD?

    Answer: Universal

  16. The Small Claims Court deals with consumer claims of under?

    Answer: £3000

  17. If you have a complaint about your electricity or gas company, who can help you?

    Answer: The Consumer Council

  18. What does VAT stand for?

    Answer: Value added tax

  19. If a chip shop looks very unhygienic, where should you complain?

    Answer: Environmental Health Office

  20. Where should you complain if a car dealer sells you a 'clocked' car?

    Answer: Trading Standards Service

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