Long Quiz

  1. Complete this sentence: "the Consumer Rights Act gives consumers rights if goods don't fit the description; are not fit for purpose or are not of __________ __________"

    Answer: Satisfactory quality

  2. Which company operates public transport in Northern Ireland?

    Answer: Translink

  3. If you bring a motor mechanic to inspect a second-hand car you're hoping to buy from a trader, who is liable for any faults taht the mechanic may have missed?

    Answer: The mechanic

  4. Car 'clocking' is on the rise in Northern Ireland. What does 'clocking' mean?

    Answer: Changing the mileage on the odometer

  5. If you've bought food that you think could be harmful to your health. who should you contact in the first place?

    Answer: The Environmental Health Department

  6. Who can investigate a complaint about the safety of work undertaken by a gas engineer in your home?

    Answer: Gas Safe Register

  7. Which regulator is responsible or ensuring airwaves (used by eceryone from broadcasters; taxi firms; mobile-phone companies and boat owners) are used in the most effective way?

    Answer: Office of Communications (Ofcom)

  8. Is it against the law for a retailer to rent out a DVD or game to a person below the age stated in the classification?

    Answer: Yes

  9. Is it against the law for a retailer to sell out a DVD or game to a person below the age stated in the classification?

    Answer: Yes

  10. Which organisation provides an emergency pollution hotline to contact if you need to report incidents such as untreated sewerage in rivers or by the coast?

    Answer: Northern Ireland Environment Agency

  11. If you've bought goods on your credit card that turn out to be faulty, not as described or fail to arrive; the law says your credit card provider must help get your money back. This law only applies to single items costing between what amounts?

    Answer: £100 - £30,000

  12. If you accept a credit note, can a shop put a time limit on when it can be used?

    Answer: Yes

  13. The Sale of Goods Act applies to the sale of a pet goldfish. True or False?

    Answer: True

  14. The Sale of Goods Act applies to food. True or False?

    Answer: True

  15. What does a 'T' in a classified advert for a second-hand car stand for?

    Answer: Trader

  16. You get a text saying you've won a big prize and all you have to do is telephone a given number to claim the money. What should you do?

    Answer: Delete the text

  17. If you are unhappy with the Enterprise train service and Translink ignores your complaint, who should you contact?

    Answer: The Consumer Council

  18. The ASA ensures that advertising is "legal, decent, honest and truthful". What do the initials ASA stand for?

    Answer: Advertising Standards Authority

  19. True or False, the interest charged on a storecard is likely to be higher than most debit and credit cards?

    Answer: True

  20. Can a restaurant add a service charge to your bill?

    Answer: Yes, but only if it's clearly shown on the price list or menu before you order

  21. What should you check on a website before entering your payment details?

    Answer: That the website starts with 'https:'

  22. Which one of the following is NOT a form of distance selling?

    Answer: Buying jewellery from a market stall abroad

  23. A receipt is the easiest way to prove purchse. Which of the following is NOT accepted as proof?

    Answer: Having the same packaging and plastic bag that the goods came in

  24. If you buy something over the internet, how long is the cooling-off period in which you can change your mind and ask for a refund?

    Answer: 14 days from the day after goods arrive

  25. What should you do after you've placed an order for goods online?

    Answer: Keep a copy of your order confirmation

  26. Dripping taps can waste up to how many litres of water a day?

    Answer: 30 litres

  27. What standard of quality can consumers expect if they buy from a private seller (i.e. not a trader)?

    Answer: Goods just have to be 'as described'

  28. Can a car with an electronic odometer be clocked?

    Answer: Yes, quite easily

  29. Northern Ireland consumers lose approximately how much every year on bogus lotteries, prize draws and other scams?

    Answer: £100 million

  30. Turning down your thermostat by 1°C could cut your heating bills by up to how much?

    Answer: 10 per cent

  31. An energy saving lightbulb lasts up to how many times longer than the original kind?

    Answer: 25 times longer

  32. Which organisation licenses taxi drivers in Northern Ireland?

    Answer: Driver and Vehicle Licensing Northen Ireland (DVLNI)

  33. TV sets and other electrical appliances left on standby still use what percentage of energy as they use for full operation?

    Answer: 20 per cent

  34. Scam websites rip people off by selling cheap tickets for popular events that are sold out or not officially on sale yet. The tickets fail to arrive, leaving people out of pocket and disappointed. How can you check that the tickets you're buying are genuine?

    Answer: Ask for the ticket's serial number and check this with the official ticket seller

  35. In 2011 new laws were introduced to give consumers more protection when joining holiday clubs. The laws now give consumers how long to withdraw from the contract without penalty?

    Answer: 14 days

  36. Your bus into work is late almost every morning and Translink don't seem to be taking your complaint seriously. Who can you contact to take thigs further?

    Answer: The Consumer Council

  37. Your flight is cancelled due to strike action. Which of the following options must the airline offer you?

    Answer: A refund of your fare and compensation

  38. Consumers often don't take back faulty goods because they're too worried or confused about returming items. This costs them an average of how much per year?

    Answer: £78

  39. Tetra Pak cartons used for pacaking liquids such as milk, soup and juice can'tbe recycled. True or False?

    Answer: False, there are some council facilities that can recycle them or they can be returned to the manufacturer for recycling

  40. Which is the better deal: a 'Value Pack' 4kg box of washing powder (50 washes) at £12.99 or a 2kg box (25 washes) for £6.79?

    Answer: The 4kg box

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