About Shop Around

Shop Around was first produced in 2004 and was made available in hardcopy and as an interactive website. Since then it has been popular with voluntary and community groups, FE colleges, schools and youth groups. In 2012 we gave the website a revamp so that it now offers new interactive quiz questions and updated table quizzes.

What is Shop Around for?

Shop Around aims to help consumers of all ages become more aware of their rights and responsibilities in an informative and fun way. It deals with many familiar household issues and consumer problems – whether you’re out shopping; organising work to be done in the home or buying goods online.

Who is Shop Around for?

Anyone, whether you’re aged 14 or 104! You might be a teacher; youth worker; voluntary or community group leader; or an individual interested in testing your consumer knowledge and skills.

Whats available on Shop Around?

Here’s a menu of what’s available on Shop Around and where to find it:


In this section you’ll find 16 animated scenarios of some consumer problems faced by the Wright family.  Can you help them to understand their consumer rights and responsibilities?

You can also print a PDF copy of each scenario and use as these as handouts for your group.

Can be used individually or in small groups (ideally 4-6)


Visit the quizzes section to pit your wits against the James and his short quiz (20 questions) and Fiona and her long quiz (40 questions).

Can be used individually or in pairs

This section also contains printable team quizzes to use with a larger group.

Team quizzes covering seven topics:

  • Dodgy Deals
  • Expert Help
  • Money Matters
  • A Night on the Town
  • Shopping
  • Online Shopping
  • Sustainability
To be used with a group split into competing teams.


This section contains everything you need in one handy place, including Notes for Presenters which has instructions for setting up the team quizzes.  This section also has:

  • Printable PDFs of 16 x scenarios
  • Printable team quiz question sheets
  • Printable team quiz questions and answers


Useful addresses, phone numbers and websites for expert help and advice


  • Contact details for the Consumer Council
  • Feedback Form


We all need to buy goods and services. As shoppers we may sometimes face difficulties when shopping and confusion when we have a problem.

For example: My new television is faulty - can I get a refund? Where can I get help?

Shop Around aims to answer these questions and others through a stimulating, informative and fun resource that can be used by a range of groups.

The General Consumer Council aims to make the consumer voice heard and to make it count. Shop Around will give consumers a greater understanding of their rights and responsibilities when buying goods and services and help make the consumer voice heard from the home to the high street.

Shop Around is available with graphics switched on, or as a text only site.

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